“I Threw a Show in My Heart and Nobody Came”

(video of our last song, last show)
Freshkills played their last show on March 1, 2013 to friends and fans at a packed Union Pool. Our singer Zack wrote about the band breaking up.

Jacob 2-2 Subprime Remix of “The Bigger Man”

Jacob 2-2 gives us the vintage synth treatment. Warm and grooving, we love it.

And make sure to check out Jacob 2-2 on Tumblr and SoundCloud.

“Raise up the Sheets” on Dirty Laundry’s top ten for 2012



We share the Top Ten with some great bands: Future of the Left, GBV, and some guy named Bob Dylan. Sounds like an up-and-comer.



Public Assembly, a la My Social List

$8 BEFORE 9PM // $10 AFTER 9PM
W/ the collaboration of My Social List
Tickets from TicketWeb

Blockhead remixes “New Folk Songs for New Buildings”

Streaming off Brooklyn Vegan:

Read Blockhead’s post

Download it for free off Mediafire

“Raise up the Sheets” part of Amazon’s Top 100 for April

"Raise Up the Sheets" We know, times are tough, money is worth nothing in gas terms and the Mayans can’t end this shit show of a world fast enough. We get it. We, Freshkills, grok what other bands, with their 10 dollar albums and fancy, garagified airs, don’t. We want you to be fucking happy.

For the month of April, Raise Up The Sheets has been selected by Amazon to be one of its 100 for 5 bucks albums. Buy Cheaply. Buy Often.

Get “Raise Up The Sheets” on Amazon.com for $5

(Through April 2012)

Podcast of Freshkills radio appearance on the Mike and Judy Show

If you missed it, here’s a podcast of Freshkills on the “Mike and Judy Show”. We discussed Lou Reed, Mars Bar, sobriety and played 2 songs acoustic style:

Freshkills on Mike and Judy

Freshkills live on “The Mike and Judy Show” Sunday April 1

Hey! We’re exploring the medium of the future: radio! We’ll be on the awesome Mike and Judy Show from 2pm to 2:30pm Sunday April 1st. You can hear it streaming on Heritage Radio.

Expect song and (unseen)dance and word for word recitation of entire Bob and Ray episodes!

It’s recorded at ROBERTAS pizza in Bushwick, NY so come by and visit.

Doctor Isreal’s remix of “The Bigger Man” on PopMatters

Dr Israel injects some hip hop and dub beats into our first single. Grab it at PopMatters for free>

New song “Baby’s got a Right”, free download and video

We recorded a new song at Adrian Grenier’s Wreckroom studio in Brooklyn before we left for SxSW. It’s a little post punk number captured on video and soundboard by Damien Paris of the Giraffes.

Get the song for free and read Adrian’s blog post: