Freshkills plays The End Records SxSW tonight!

We play tonight at The End Records showcase in Austin. With FEAR, Hull, Spirits of the Dead and Amoral.

Showcase starts at 8pm.
Freshkills on at 11pm sharp!

Red 7 Austin, Texas.

“Raise up the Sheets”, out today!

"Raise Up the Sheets"

Freshkills’ 3rd LP, “Raise up the Sheets” out today on Bat Rabies Alert/The End Records. Produced by Jim Sclavunos.

Mail order CD

01. Raise Up The Sheets
02. Why Are You So Unforgiving
03. The Child We Almost Had
04. Frankie + Johnny
05. Positive Vibes
06. The Wolves That Raised You
07. Hotels
08. Bigger Man
09. Try To Be Kind
10. New Folksongs For New Buildings

“The Bigger Man” official video

Get the new track “Positive Vibes” free on RCRD LBL

The new record “Raise Up the Sheets” comes out March 13 on Bat Rabies Alert/The End Records. But you can listen to and nab the 2nd single now!

Get Positive Vibes >


March 9th record release party for “Raise Up The Sheets”

featuring Kid Savant / Such Hounds / + Special Guest
Friday March 9th at Pianos

Tickets and info

Preorder the limited edition “Raise Up The Sheets” t-shirt/CD bundle

Our new record doesn’t hit the stores for another month, but you can get your pre-order on and snag a Limited Edition t-shirt and CD.

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Our 3rd LP, “Raise Up the Sheets”, out March 13th on Bat Rabies Alert/The End Records

"Raise Up the Sheets"

Raise Up The Sheets attacks on every front like a pandemic. The songs are prettier, darker, more concise and more expansive. Lipez is wounded and acerbic, the rhythm section both tight and monstrous with military precision and vulgar swing, the twin guitars frantic, chaotic and dangerous as a sharpened screwdriver. The whole band sounds like they’ve been cornered and will have to fight their way out. It’s anyone’s guess who will win, but either way, it’ll be worth watching.



Produced by Jim Sclavunos
Engineered by Andrew Schneider at Translator Audio in Brooklyn

CMJ show @ A Heart is a Spade @ Fontana’s

Freshkills (12:30am),
Dinowalrus (11:40pm),
Cold Fronts (10:50pm),
Ski Lodge (10pm),
Joywave (9:10pm),
Psychobuildings (8:20pm),
Making Friendz (7:30pm)


105 Eldridge Street (btw Broome and Grand)

“Revelations” included in Nick Zinner’s RCRDLBL mixtape

Get Nick’s remix of “Revelations” along with tracks form Major Lazer, Black Lips and Das Racist.

Nick Zinner mixtap of RCRDLBL >

“The Wolves That Raised You” music video

RCRDLBL reviews “The Bigger Man” – Free mp3 download

“Freshkills seem, at times, like a full orchestra on “Bigger Man.” The reverb-drenched staccato guitar in combination with the heavy bass, the cacophony that opens the song, sounds more like a string quartet than a rock band…..”

Read the rest and get the song HERE